Our journey

Coaching, mentoring and sponsoring incredible people and leaders has been a passion and rewarding experience since a long time for Werner Böing. It started somewhat 25 years ago when he was working on innovation and spin off models in an automotive think tank and he was asked to join the first startup accelerator in Berlin. He could build on and leverage his experience as a product owner for innovative software-products from product design to commercialization. Hooked on that experience the passion for combining technology & business and creating business models never went away. Fast forward, after enjoying a career at leading players in executive and board roles combining technology and business, this memory came back to the forefront. 

Triggered by experiences with an internal digital healthcare startup, joining a board to supervise a joint venture creating digital healthcare solutions and becoming an advisory board member for multiple digital healthcare startups it became clear, there is something to be picked up. 

Long in the making grew the idea of building a joint business together with his wife, Dr. Susanne Böing. She is a science driven medical doctor with early exposure to digital healthcare in her work at a hospital laboratory. Together they formed the idea of evisory and started the business.

The people behind evisory

CEO & Co-founder   
Werner Böing

CMO & Co-Founder   
Dr. med. Susanne Böing

30+ years of multi-industry experience in leadership and executive/board roles from think-tank to market/innovation leaders.

Has a strong scientific background, including a degree in Biology and a PhD in Medicine.

Combining hands-on technology and future shaping business leadership roles as SW-product owner, General Manager, CIO/CDO and executive sponsor for new business models & strategies.

Enhanced by complementary experiences in Biotechnology and scientific publications services.

Over 12 years healthcare and digital transformation experience in global powerhouse of medical and healthcare innovation. 

Gained clinical experiences during her study and later as an Assistant Dr. in the medical lab of a large community hospital in Berlin.

Real-world experience of what it takes to design, build, launch, operate and commercialise a digital healthcare product portfolio (build, acquire, partner) in global regulated environment.  

Pioneering digital experiences e.g., oversaw implementing and administering Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Passionate about innovation, data driven business models, eco-system plays and supporting the leaders shaping the future of healthcare and use of technology in healthcare. 

Has a passion for staying connected to the growing medical knowledge through today's digital channels and performing targeted research.     


Giving Back

The support we got in our life allowed us to become who we are today. We are grateful for that and want to give back by supporting the next generation leaders in technology and healthcare to be best prepared for their careers and facing the challenges of today.

Hence, it is a great honor and of importance to us to offer pro bono services:

We have experienced in our life the power of mentoring. In fact, without it we would have not managed to be where we are today. So, if you are interested, please reach out to us to see if there is good fit.